Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why? - A Resurrection Tale

This is a short monologue for Easter. I thought you might like it.

 Scene 1
[Lights Up. Mary comes in crying.]
Mary(Magdalene): Yashua, why? WHY! I thought you were all powerful. I thought that we would be together always. I followed you faithfully, didn’t I? Now you’ve left and gone … [Doesn’t finish] That night in Gethsemane, I thought a storm was coming. But I thought you would bring peace. Like you did with the storm. Instead you gave yourself up to those who bound you. You allowed them to take you away. [Voice cracks with the crying. She pauses a moment.] You let them beat you! Spit on you! And you didn’t do anything to stop them! Why?! [Loud and then softer] Why? [Pause] Then they led you out to that hill. Encouraging you on with a whip. It sliced right through your skin. That cross that they nailed you down to. What kind of king would let himself be nailed to a cross and wear a crown of thorns? [Looks at a crown of thorns] Why?! Why would you choose to die in torture and agony? You left. I don’t understand. I don’t know why. [Cries] I feel so alone. So forsaken. The words you spoke, they haunt me even now. My God, my God why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far off from me? Day and night I cry out to you but you don’t answer me. Have you left me? Is this how it all is supposed to end? [Pause. She sits down to cry and weep. Then she looks up as if she is remembering.] Do you remember when we first met? How different I was. Controlled by demons. I never let anyone close to me. Then you came by. I don’t know what drew you to me. But you came. The demons within me shirked and shouted curses. Yet you still came to me. And you [Feels her face. As if her hand is Jesus’ touching her.] touched me. For that moment time seemed to stop. The world faded. I felt your love coming into my life. And I was never the same. Then with one word, you made the demons flee. I was free. And I followed you. I couldn’t leave … the one who loved me. [Pause. She fingers a bottle] How can I go now and bury you? How can I leave you in the grave? [Pause] But you were always a good friend to me. I will do what I can for you now. Even if it breaks me. [Begins crying. Takes the bottle and leaves. MUSIC. Lights down.]

Scene 2
[Lights up. Mary comes running back in. A smile is on her face.]
Mary: Phillip? Andrew? John? Thomas? Matthew? [Gets to the stage] They must have left. I should go tell them. [Starts for the door then stops] Or should? Was it all a dream? [Pause] NO! I saw Him! I touched Him! I head His voice! He’s alive! He showed Himself to me! [Pause] How slow I was. That I doubted Him. That I so soon forgot what He said. “The son of man must be betrayed into the hands of men and they will kill Him. But on the third day, He will be raised to life.” [Prays] Adonai, I praise you. Your Son is alive. You have shown your power over death. Praise be to Your name. Please forgive me for my lack of faith. Please help me to follow you and to trust you. YOU are worthy to receive all glory and honor. You are good and your love endures forever. [Pause] I must go find the disciples. They must be told! Our God is ALIVE! [Rushes out of the room calling the disciples names. Lights down.]    



  1. Wonderful!

    Praise the Lord!

    He's Alive!

    Because He lives, we can live in Hope and Confidence!