Monday, May 21, 2012

Blog Anniversary

One year ago today I began this little blog. My hope was have a place to publish my work. Now a year later I’m working on making my plays even better.

In a year’s time I have written four plays, two screenplays, and two short monologues. It’s been so fulfilling to get down on paper ideas I have had for years.

In the next few months I’m hoping to make some improvements to the sight. I’m hoping to make the plays more available in different forms. I’m also hoping in the next few months to release a new play. I just have to pick which one.

Also this month I have been doing something called Script Frenzy. I’m trying to write 100 pages in play/plays in one months. I’m happy to say that I’m over halfway to that goal and so happy with the results. I’ve started three plays and finished one. Yikes, to me that is scary and fun.

I want to leave you with a quote from a play I just wrote called Forces. 

I serve someone who commands that I am never to leave a fellow human in suffering. I couldn’t just let him kill you without a fight. No matter the cost I have help the helpless. It’s what I have sworn to do.


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